Government corrects error in glass packaging targets


The Producer Responsibility Obligations (Packaging Waste) have been amended to correct an error in the formula to calculate glass re-melt target.

After being approved in the House of Lords, the regulations have now been changed to correct the error.


The original draft regulations published in the 2012 regulations missed out a key part of the formula under which the target was calculated.

In the Eighth Delegated Legislation Committee, where the regulations where passed on behalf of the House of Commons prior to moving to the Lords, Environment Minister Richard Benyon said: “The regulations seek to correct an error in the 2012 regulations concerning the formula used for calculating the glass re-melt recycling target for producers of glass packaging.

“As a result of the error, the proportion of their glass obligation that has to be met by evidence from re-melt applications is inadvertently higher than the intended 63 per cent for 2013-15. This instrument corrects that mistake by submitting an amended formula which ensures that the 63 per cent glass re-melt target is correctly applied to a producer’s glass recycling obligation for 2013-15, and 64 per cent is applied for 2016-17.

“My department’s officials have worked with the Environment Agency to correct the error and check that no further changes are needed to the 2012 regulations.

“Before the coming into force of the 2012 regulations, my department carried out a written consultation, and officials engaged with a broad range of representatives from industry, regulators and other interested parties. The consultation included the correct target of 63 per cent, but the accompanying draft regulations contained the error, which went unnoticed at the time.

“To correct the error, my department recently completed a public consultation on the revised draft instrument before the Committee today. We invited views on the plans to correct the error, writing to affected businesses. There were no responses.

“In practical terms, the error had no impact on business. UK environment agencies have used a correct version of the formula and enforced against the intended 63 per cent target. This instrument does not impose any new burden on any business.

“I nevertheless apologise to the House for the error.”