Government of Dubai set to extend OCC and mixed paper export ban for total of three years


A decision by the Government of Dubai means that a ban on the export of OCC and mixed paper is likely to have lasted almost three years in total.

In May 2020, the Government of Dubai announced that exports of steel scrap and waste paper would be temporarily banned in order to protect its industries during the Covid pandemic.


At the time, it banned the export of the HS codes equivalent for OCC, news & pams and mixed paper.

But now it has extended the ban for OCC and mixed paper and certain ferrous scrap grades.

In a statement, Dubai Customs said that the ban on exporting HS 470710 and 470790 would continue until 19 March 2023.

This would mean that the original ban will have last just two months short of three years if it ends then. However, the export prohibitions were extended in July 2021, and July 2022 so this current extension may also be renewed next year.