Government set to unveil deposit return scheme plans this week

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Government set to unveil deposit return scheme plans this week 

A deposit return scheme for plastic bottles will be revealed this week, according to The Daily Mail. 


This action is part of a plan by Environmental Secretary Michael Gove to boost recycling rates and reducing litter. 

The source said that his officials are currently looking at ways of introducing a small charge on drink cans and plastic bottles, and this deposit would be refunded to customers who take their recyclables to a new ‘reverse vending machine’. 

A leaked report showed that implementing this scheme would drive the collection rates for plastic bottles from around 60% to more than 85%, as well as reducing the litter from bottles and cans by at least 70%. 

The Daily Mail said that local councillors from all parties wrote to Mr Gove backing a bottle and can deposit scheme.  

The letter said: “For drinks containers, whether cans or glass or plastic bottles, a solution is already in widespread use in other countries: deposit return. As long ago as July last year, you described deposit return as a great idea, and we agree. 

“We would therefore urge you to commit to such a system for England, one that will work well with the system currently being designed for Scotland.” 

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