Government to set up new scheme to tackle food waste

Picture by: Chatham House-

The Environment Secretary Michael Gove has announced that the Government will set up a new scheme to tackle food waste, supported by £15 million of funding.

According to Defra, around 43,000 tonnes of surplus food is redistributed from retailers and food manufacturers annually, with a further 100,000 tonnes of food that is edible going uneaten.


This announcement by the Environment Secretary was made at the Conservative Party Conference.

He said: “Nobody wants to see good food go to waste. It harms our environment, it’s bad for business – and it’s morally indefensible. Every year, around 100,000 tonnes of readily available and perfectly edible food is never eaten. This has got to change. In the coming months we will work closely with business, charities and volunteers to deliver a new scheme to tackle this problem.”

Further action to cut food waste from all sources is being considered as part of Defra’s Resources and Waste Strategy, which will be published later this year.

The scheme will be developed over the coming months in collaboration with businesses and charities and will launch in 2019/20.

Defra is also commissioning work to improve the evidence base around food waste.

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