Green Party aim for circular economy in its manifesto


Perhaps unsurprisingly, out of all the manifestos published so far, the Green Party has the most on resource efficiency.

In its manifesto, the Green Party said that it “wants to move towards a jobs-rich circular economy with as much waste minimisation as possible”.


To achieve this, the Green Party would:

  • Reduce what we use, resuse it when we have finished it and recycle as a last resort
  • Provide the framework and the infrastructure to help people make positive choices
  • Use taxation and regulation to ensure that products and packaging are designed with a view to what happens to them when they stop being useful and packaging reduced. It wants waste designed out and for design to ensure that products can be fixed
  • Follow Scotland in banning food waste and other organic material being sent to landfill
  • Increase national spending on recycling and waste disposal by about 50%, an extra £4 billion a year, so that incineration and landfill are ended
  • Aim to recycle 705 of domestic waste by 2020 as a move towards a zero-waste system.


The Green Party also wishes to strengthen the Climate Change Act by reducing greenhouse gas emissions to 10% of their 1990 levels by 2030. This goes further than the 80% reduction by 2050 mandated by the current Climate Change Act.