Green Party pledges to fight for investment in recycling research


Elected Green Party MPs will target better waste management practices, their manifesto has promised.

Although it only currently has one member of the Commons, the group led by Carla Denyer and Adrian Ramsay has two peers, three London Assembly members and 800 local councillors.


The Green Party released its manifesto this week ahead of the general election on 4 July.

This said that any representatives voted in as MPs would “seek to increase investment into research and development by over £30bn in the lifetime of the five-year parliament”.

“Additional spending will be primarily focused on tackling the climate and environmental crisis through funding research into sectors including… re-use, repair, recycling and designing out waste…” it added.

The manifesto pledged that Green MPs would “advocate for a circular economy that reduces the waste of resources”.

This would include pushing for manufacturers to offer decade-long warranties on white goods to encourage repair and reuse.

“We will also increase the scope of bans on the production of single-use plastics for use in packaging and disposable products such as baby wipes.”