Green public procurement is the main tool for circular economy says FEAD


FEAD has stated that green public procurement (GPP) is the main tool to help the EU transition from a linear to a circular economy.  

This follows the European Commission’s non-legislative Public Procurement-Package, which is an initiative that calls for public authorities to strategically use public procurement to obtain greater value for taxpayer money, and to contribute to a more sustainable economy.  


FEAD hopes to promote recycled materials and make them competitive with virgin by generating the demand for secondary materials throughout the value chain.  

To achieve this result, it has said that GPP must be enhanced, and that the use of recycled content must become mandatory in different public tenders, at EU Member State and local authority levels. 

FEAD president Jean-Marc Boursier said: “Over recent years, falling oil prices have lowered the price for virgin plastics, creating a price gap with recycled materials leading to the closure of plants and job losses in what should actually be a promising market.”  

Based in Brussels, FEAD is the European federation representing the private waste and resource management sector throughout Europe.