Greiner Packaging buys recycled PET flake producer ALWAG

Greiner Recycling

Austrian firm Greiner Packaging has acquired Serbian recycled PET flake producer ALWAG.

It now means that Greiner Packaging has three sites in Serbia along with its two manufacturing bases in the country.


ALWAG will be rebranded as Greiner Recycling and over time its recycled PET flake will be used in Greiner’s packaging. But the site will also be expanded to provide current customers with their usual quantities of recycled materials.

Greiner Packaging chief executive Manfred Stanek said: “PET is currently the only mechanically recycled material that can be used for food applications.

“We are strong believers in the potential of PET and, by expanding our expertise, we are actively committed to using this material effectively.

“As we work towards our sustainability goals, which we pursue consistently through all the business decisions we make, we naturally pay special attention to the possible creation of other rPET streams in addition to the bottle-to-bottle stream. That would mean that an old PET cup could become a new PET cup in the future.”