Grønt Punkt Norge and Quantafuel sign deal for plastic chemical recycling plant

Quantafuel chemical recycling

Norwegian firms Grønt Punkt Norge and Quantafuel have signed a deal for the supply of 10,000 tonnes of plastic packaging waste for chemical plastic recycling.

Grønt Punkt Norge, which owns the Norwegian recycling company Plastretur, will supply the material sourced from households to Quantafuel at its plant in Denmark. This plastic will be converted into a gas and used to create a new plastic by chemical giant BASF.


Norwegian recycling company GemiNor is also involved in the project and is tasked with developing a sorting line tailored to Quantafuel’s requirements.

Grønt Punkt Norge senior vice president of strategy and sustainability Thomas Steenbuch Tharaldsen said: “This test project will be important in documenting chemical recycling from a sustainability perspective. The parties will map the origin of the plastic waste, the alternative use of the plastic and the percentage of the plastic waste that is processed into new raw material for new plastic products.

“The findings will be summarised in a report to the Norwegian Environment Agency, which has also been consulted on this project. The Agency has confirmed that chemical recycling, where the chemical feedstock goes into new plastic production, is defined as recycling on the same level as mechanical recycling.

“We have a unique opportunity to follow the plastic waste through a Nordic value chain and document the extent of closing the recycling loop of plastic.”

The announcement of this deal follows the recent news that Philadelphia cream cheese packaging will contain material from chemical recycling.

Plus, a plastic chemical recycling plant is also being developed by Recycling Technologies.

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