Group CVB Ecologistics acquire paper mill in France

Nine Dragons Paper Holdings (ND) has announced that its interim figures for the six months ending on 31 December 2018 show an increase in sales of 18.2%.

Recycling company Group CVB Ecologistics has acquired the assets and activities of a paper mill in Raon L’Etape, France. 

The mill was established in 1880 and stopped production in March this year after it went into bankruptcy.  


At the papermill, an advance stock preparation will be available to process difficult to recycle grades of recovered paper. 

Following this acquisition, CVB wanted to offer a guaranteed circular solution for pre- and post-consumer liquid packaging. 

Until last year, the volumes of production waste liquid packaging supplied by the company’s partners and suppliers were sold in China and to Raon.  

However, with new restrictions on importing to China and the closure of Raon, outlet of these difficult to recyclable grades were at risk, leading to CVB wanting to find a sustainable solution. 

With this, the company will be able to close the loop by using these difficult grades to produce bleached and unbleached packaging paper of 18 to 50 grammes.  

As part of group CVB Ecologistics the paper mill has been renamed to Raon Circular Regeneration, with production at the mill planned for the second half of June with 30 experienced paper makers.  

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