Grundon becomes significant shareholder in Carbon8


Carbon8 have developed a patented process called accelerate carbonisation technology (ACT) that will provide a cost-effective solution for this type of waste and others such as soils.

As a result of confirmation from the Environment Agency Modernising Waste Panel that the output meets end of waste criteria, it can be used as an aggregate product in block making for example.


Grundon managing director Richard Skehens said: “Although the volumes of hazardous waste in the UK are generally declining in volume, the increase in energy from waste facilities will generate a corresponding increase in the volumes of air pollution control residues (APCr).

“Ever tightening environmental regulations and standards for hazardous waste disposal mean that tailor made new technologies offer significant opportunities in this market place.

“Together with our technical director Stephen Roscoe and our financial director Clayton Sullivan Webb, I am looking forward to working with the Carbon8 board to develop applications specific to the waste industry. The business has huge potential for this sector and complements Grundon’s existing range of hazardous waste treatment facilities.”

Carbon8 managing director Mark Orsbourn said: “The accelerated carbon technology has been developed over many years by Dr Colin Hills and Dr Paula Carey. The Environment Agency has acted as a rigorous, independent auditor through the provision of environmental position statements for the trials, which led to the submission to the end of waste panel.

“We are currently commissioning our first plant in Brandon, Suffolk. This will use carbon dioxide to treat APCr and produce a recycled aggregate primarily for use in the block making industry – although it has many other potential applications.”

He also said that the company plans a network of facilities to treat this waste.