H Ripley set to extend scrap metal recycling facility


Scrap metal recycler H Ripley & Co is set to increase the size of its Hailsham facility in Sussex after getting approval with conditions from the local council.

In a report presented by East Sussex County Council officials to its Regulatory Planning Committee it was noted that the applicant has stated that the proposed extension is to improve site safety and operational efficiency rather than to enable a greater amount of waste to be managed.


The report added: “Notwithstanding the applicant’s assertion, the potential for the site’s throughput to increase cannot be discounted, particularly because at present the site appears to be managing significantly less material than the maximum permitted by its Environmental Permit.

“This cannot reasonably be restricted through a planning condition, but conditions to control the site’s potential impacts are necessary to protect residential amenity.”

The company will now need to pay Hailsham Town Council £40,000 to get back land it handed over to the council a decade ago.