Hamilton Adhesive Labels eliminates label waste   


Large independent label printer Leicester-based Hamilton Adhesive Labels will become a zero waste organisation from September 2017 when it starts to collect and divert label waste from landfill under the Zero Labels 2 Landfill Scheme.  

Founded in 1992, Hamilton manufactures a wide range of bespoke labels for food, beverage, personal care, industrial, chemical and automotive clients.  


Hamilton has now appointed Prismm Environmental as its sole waste management provider. 

On appointment, the Prismm team undertook a full review of activities to ensure all materials were being treated in accordance with environmental regulations.  

The next stage, which started this month (September), is to eradicate label waste which will result in 100 per cent diversion from landfill.  

To recycle label waste, Hamilton has signed up to Prismm’s Zero Labels 2 Landfill Scheme. 

Sponsored by the BPIF, the scheme covers the complete label industry supply chain and is driving change in this sector of the print industry.  

Since it started in January 2015, the Zero Labels 2 Landfill Scheme has diverted 42,190 tonnes of label waste from landfill.  

Material diverted includes matrix waste, glassine, silicon packing paper, waste foil cores and set-up reels.  

As well as being a more sustainable and streamlined approach to waste management, the new approach will reduce landfill tax costs for Hamilton.