Henkel unveils new barrier coatings that allows paper to replace variety of plastic packaging

Henkel's barrier products will allow paper packaging to replace plastic packaging on items such as toilet rolls

German company Henkel has developed new barrier coatings that will allow paper to replace plastic packaging in a range of situations.

The global company, which is best known for its brands Loctite and Schwarzkopf in the UK, has expanded its RE range of barrier coatings to include hot- and cold-sealable coatings for paper.


These products are certified as paper recycling compatible. Its Loctite Liofol HS 2809-22 RE allows for paper packaging for hygiene products, tea bags, industrial hardware pouches and chocolate wrappers. While Loctite Liofol CS 22-422 RE can be used for collection cards, cereal bars, biscuit packaging, frozen foods and ice cream.

Henkel head of global market strategy for flexible packaging Alexander Bocksich said: “The main purpose of packaging is protection – and this is still what underpins our strategy. The scope also includes developing adhesives and coatings that help improve recyclability and allow new packaging designs.

“Our two latest developments are certified recyclable and can replace plastic packaging. Both sealable coatings enable full recyclability of paper packaging in food and nonfood applications.”

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