Hotel Chocolat to recycle plastic packaging for consumers

Hotel Choc
Hotel Chocolate Pic: Herry Lawford

Retailer Hotel Chocolat is encouraging its customers to bring plastic packaging in to its stores to be recycled, according to The Grocer. 

Shoppers can bring any clean plastic packaging to one of its 103 stores and cafes across the UK, which it will then recycle.  


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The scheme includes packaging from any product or retailer, with in-store employees ensuring that customers are made aware of the initiative. 

Hotel Chocolat chief executive and co-found Angus Thirlwell told The Grocer that shoppers are becoming more interested in the scheme.  

This move was implemented as part of its push to become more environmentally friendly.  

Hotel Chocolat has already pledged to make all its packaging reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2021, and has introduced packaging made from sugar cane that is sustainable, biodegradable, compostable for its a Dozen Quails Eggs box.  

The chief executive added that the plant fibre bagasse packaging was introduced to “show its intent and determination to have plant-powered and environmental packaging”. 

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