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Hovis make its recycling labels clearer 

Hovis loaf

Bread company Hovis has made the recycling labels on its products clearer to encourage more consumers to recycle its bread bags. 

It believes that this initiative will increase consumer awareness that all its bread bags are fully recyclable and improve the number of bags being properly disposed.  

This year’s REB Market Intelligence Summit is taking place on 2 October and will look at end destinations for materials. Find out more here   

The new labels will include clear instructions to help customers dispose the bread bags at plastic collection points that will be available at major retailers and are due to be rolled out in October.  

This move follows research done by the company which found that a third of people find it difficult to recycle as they are unsure of what they can and can’t recycle.  

The company hopes that the initiative will prompt councils to add plastic bags to their kerbside collection.  

Hovis senior brand manager Ceri Packard said: “Our aim is to encourage and educate consumers to dispose of their bread bags correctly. Hovis bread bags are easy to recycle, and we are keen to see more people joining us in this initiative.” 


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