Huge fire at JKN Polymers plastics recycling plant in Hull


Sixty firefighters have been tackling a major fire at a plastics recycling plant in Hull belonging to JKN Polymers.

The fire was reported at 1:30am this morning and was under control by 7am. Nearby premises on the industrial estate were sprayed with water to prevent the fire spreading.


An officer from the Environment Agency was also on the scene to advise on minimising any risk of pollution from the fire.

Humberside Fire & Rescue Services chief fire officer Richard Hannigan said the flames were 30 to 40 metres high at the peak of the fire.

He added: “We’ve got the situation well and truly under control. Four appliances are at the scene damping down. We’re now into the investigation phase of the incident to try and discover the cause of the fire. We want to prevent this happening again.”