ICEhouse shows circular economy benefits to Davos delegates


People attending the World Economic Forum in Davos have been shown a building that highlights the circular economy.

ICEhouse was created by architect and chair of the World Economic Forum’s Meta-Council on the Circular Economy Wiliam McDonough and his firms William McDonough + Partners and WonderFrame.


It is sited on the main promenade at Davos and is made of aluminium and polycarbonate sheet.

The building will be used to host delegates during the World Economic Forum to discuss the circular economy.

After the close of the event, the ICEhouse will be relocated to the Netherland’s new National Hub for the Circular Economy at Schiphol Trade Park in Amsterdam.

William McDonough said: “ICEhouse is a structure designed for disassembly and reconstruction.

“In a poetic sense, like ice, it is ephemeral. It is here for a week in the Alps. Next week it will melt away…destined to reappear elsewhere.”