Iceland stop selling bananas in plastic packaging

Iceland store

Retailer Iceland has said that it will stop selling bananas in plastic packaging and is calling for other supermarkets to follow, according to Sky News. 

Iceland is trialling the use of recyclable paper bands for pre-packaged bananas in three of its stores, with a further 120 branches to follow in the coming days. 


This year’s REB Market Intelligence Summit is taking place on 2 October and will look at end destinations for materials. Find out more here 

A national rollout is planned by the end of the year, and the supermarket is claiming that this will eventually save 10 million plastic bags annually. 

Iceland managing director Richard Walker said: “People have become so used to buying their products wrapped in plastic, or indeed using plastic bags for loose produce, and this has to stop if we are to turn down the tap on plastics. This move alone will have a significant impact on our plastics consumption and is one of the first of many solutions that are in development. 

“Our customers support our move to reduce single-use plastic and we are pleased to share this important milestone, with many more to come.” 

Its newly packaged bananas are the first products in a big British supermarket to feature the Plastic Free Trust Mark, which was launched by the campaign A Plastic Planet this year, said Sky News. 

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