Idea of PRN Offset is gaining momentum says Closed Loop Recycling


Dagenham-based plastics recycler Closed Loop Recycling believes that the idea of a PRN Offset is getting more and more support.

A PRN Offset would work by a packaging producer only having a PRN obligation on the amount of virgin material used and not any recycled content.


The British Plastics Federation is to review the PRN system and will look at the idea of a PRN Offset, and this has been welcomed by Closed Loop Recycling.

While Labour MP and APSRG co-chair Alan Whitehead has also offered his support for the idea, which he sees as an extension of his original ‘Renewable Content Obligation’ proposal. This policy called for a requirement that certain packaging, such as plastic bottles, should contain a minimum level of recycled material by law.

Alan Whitehead (pictured with Closed Loop’s Chris Dow) said: “Retailers and packaging manufacturers have a responsibility to the public and the environment to do all they can to sustain the life of the packaging they produce, thus preventing thousands of tonnes of this resource ending up in landfill or being exported overseas. Incentivising brand owners and packaging companies to use recycled content is nothing short of essential if we are to operate to a circular economy.

“However, current UK legislation does nothing to encourage the use of recycled content in packaging. It’s clear this needs to change. I fully support the idea of a PRN Offset which rewards those retailers who use UK recyclate in their packaging. It makes sense both environmentally and economically.”

Chris Dow added: “We’re delighted that Alan and others in the industry are backing a PRN Offset model and have chosen to support our call for a review of the PRN system in favour of incentivising UK brands and packaging companies to use recycled content. Alongside others in the industry, we are continuing to raise this important issue in order to guarantee the future of the UK recycling industry and solve a huge environmental issue.”