IEMA launches guide to help businesses make savings through resource efficiency


A guide has been launched by the Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment (IEMA) that aims to show how businesses can avoid business damage through resource efficiency.

It shows firms of all sizes how to mitigate price volatility, disruption of supply chains and reputational risks.


IEMA notes that the most progressive businesses are already shifting their management of resources to one which generates efficiencies, stimulates savings and provides opportunities for green growth.

Two guides have been launched by IEMA with the detailed practitioner guide From Waste to Resources providing guidance and evidence for IEMA members to turn their waste costs into sustainable resource management-led revenue opportunities.

An accompanying business briefing, Sustainable Resource Management sets out the organisational benefits for non-specialists and decision-makers.

IEMA policy lead Josh Fothergill said: “Resource efficiency can be achieved by all organisations, from SMEs to very large businesses. IEMA’s research shows that skilled environment and sustainability professionals are vital to delivering these benefits for business.

“SMEs employing skilled environment and sustainability professionals are already saving over £5,000 a year and the largest companies can save over £1 million per year.

“A circular economy requires all organisations, large and small, to engage in the transition from waste management to resource management. The actions taken by business as a result of following IEMA’s practical advice and tools will enable businesses to save money and reduce their impact on the environment.”