Ikea to sell refurbished furniture to become more environmentally-friendly 


Retailer Ikea has announced that it is trialling the sale of used, patched-up furniture in the UK as part of its efforts to become more environmentally-friendly.  

The Swedish retailer is also launching a textile recycling scheme across the UK. 


Ikea said that the two schemes are a step towards developing a circular business model where materials and products are reused or recycled. 

An earlier trial occurred in Edinburgh and will expand to Glasgow in June. 

Customers in Edinburgh have been able to exchange used Ikea furniture for a reward voucher for more than a year. The items are refurbished and sold in the bargain area. 

This idea will be tested in Glasgow and the firm is considering growing the scheme elsewhere.  

Ikea UK sustainability manager Hege Sæbjørnsen said the furniture and textile schemes were a step towards developing a greener operation. The firm has launched a pilot scheme in Switzerland where it leases its items, although there are no immediate plans to bring it to the UK. 

The retailer began testing textile recycling in Cardiff nearly two years ago, and customers have been able to bring in old clothes, curtains, or other furnishing fabrics to be repaired or cleaned and sent on to a homelessness project of recycled. 

Milton Keynes and Greenwich now offer this service, which will be extended to all UK stores over the next few months.  

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