INCPEN join OPRL’s guarantors

OPRL label Image right: OPRL

Packaging industry council INCPEN has joined OPRL’s guarantors, recognising that the two organisations shared membership and mutual interests in packaging recyclability and a public policy environment.  

INCPEN joins ACE UK, CPI, LARAC and RECOUP as guarantors of OPRL, as they all have the shared ambition to achieve greater and more effective recycling of packaging materials and to establish a circular economy.  


OPRL, the recognised packaging recycling label scheme, also offers complementary services to INCPEN’s policy and lobbying activities.  

INCPEN chief executive Paul Vanston said: “Over the last year INCPEN has been asked to step-up into a leadership role in working across the whole packaging value chain on legislative reforms. Clear and unambiguous labelling on packaging to enable the public to recycle easily was a clear recommendation to the Secretary of State. INCPEN is now reinforcing our own strong belief in this recommendation by becoming a guarantor of OPRL, the industry standard for communicating recyclability.” 

“We join four superb existing guarantors. Working together with them and across the very strong memberships of OPRL and INCPEN, we stand ready to ensure clear and unambiguous on-pack labelling messages help deliver the UK’s recycling and circular economy targets.”  

OPRL chair Jane Bevis said: “This further extension of our guarantors to include INCPEN underlines the central part OPRL has to play in a broad collaboration of business seeking to deliver sustainable packaging solutions. At this time of unprecedented change in the policy and regulatory environment it is vital that business speaks with one voice in shaping an evidenced and coherent raft of measures.

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