Independent scrap metal recycler queries conflicting advice on cashing cheques


An independent scrap dealer has complained about being given different advice by the police and HMRC on cashing cheques to that given to EMR.

As reported by SCM last week, metal recycler EMR is acting as an agent for a cheque cashing business, which enables its customers to be paid by cheque for scrap metal and then immediately cash it.


But an independent scrap metal recycler, that does not wish to be named, has contacted SCM to say his company was given conflicting advice by the police and HMRC.

He said: “Our company made the same enquiries prior to the cashless system coming into force and were advised against taking this approach. Although it can be seen as a legal loophole, we were advised that it would be seen as trying to beat the system and would not be in the spirit of the law.”

The dealer also thought that the ban on paying for scrap with cash was irrelevant and that Operation Tornado had made a bigger difference.

He added: “Operation Tornado has proved the way forward after thousands of man hours and hard work by the police and many others involved to crack down on trade of stolen metal.

“This has proved without any shred of doubt that metal theft is thwarted by the police and scrap metal companies working together to keep correct records and use of CCTV footage.”