Indian OCC prices fall after EU reverses ban on exports there


With the European Union reversing its accidental ban on exports of paper grades to India, OCC prices have fallen as a result.

In October last year, a clerical error meant that by default exports of waste paper and cardboard grades to India were banned.


This was overturned at the start of this month.

As a result of the ban, Indian buyers were forced to concentrate on UK and US material in particular.

But according to The Hindu Business Line, OCC prices quoted by US shippers were $325 (£250) to $330 (£253) per tonne prior to the reversal of this ban, but have now fallen.

SBS Paper Recycling executive director Rajesh Sundrani said: “The removal of the ban has had an immediate effect with prices of old corrugated cardboard dropping by over $15 a tonne.

“The move will help India since EU shipments are more affordable.”

But the newspaper also reports that there is a huge shortage of material in India due to the ban with exports of pulp to China continuing.

It also noted that in its recent results, Tamil Nadu Newsprint and Papers had exhausted its entire inventory of finished goods during its fiscal year 2020/21. Despite the shortage of pulp, waste paper, rise in input costs and logistical issues, the company had vastly increased its exports.

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