INEOS to increase recycled LDPE and LLDPE content in flexible packaging to 60%

INEOS Recycl-IN will be made of 60% LDPE and LLDPE

INEOS Olefins & Polymers has partnered with Saica Natur with the aim of increasing its LDPE and LLDPE content in flexible packaging to 60%.

Through the partnership, INEOS Olefins & Polymers has developed high-performance polyethylene for its Recycl-IN resins to meet the needs of converters, brand owners and retailers to use more than 60% recycled content in flexible pouches used for detergent and personal care products.


Saica Natur is providing the recycled LDPE and LLDPE.

INEOS Olefins & Polymers North Europe chief executive Rob Ingram said: “Together with Saica Natur we have the innovation, drive, know-how and capability to move towards a circular economy for plastics in flexible packaging.

“INEOS has the polymer science expertise to improve the quality, specification and performance of the finished product. We are very pleased to add these new flexible packaging products to our Recycl-IN range.”

Saica Natur director general Victor Sanz added: “With this agreement, we are moving towards a circular economy model through the use of resources in a more sustainable and efficient way. Waste is transformed into a secondary raw material that will be then incorporated into new high quality products.

“This is an example of commitment towards achieving a long-term sustainable growth.”

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