Interseroh+ offers Made for Recycling paper/cardboard packaging assessment

Source: Interzero

German recycling alliance Interseroh+ is offering a Made for Recycling service that assesses whether paper and cardboard packaging meets new CEPI guidelines.

Under the CEPI method, paper and cardboard packaging is tested to ensure it is easily recyclable.


Interseroh+ executive board chairman Markus Müller-Drexel said: “With the packaging analysis ‘Made for Recycling’, our customers show that they evaluate the recyclability of their packaging according to highest standards.

“We are constantly developing our range of services, and in doing so we aren’t just keeping an eye on the latest scientific findings and the requirements of the future, we are also considering the actual conditions surrounding packaging recycling in particular.”

The CEPI method is a highly-developed methodology for assessing the recyclability of paper packaging that was published by Cepi in October 2022.

It was developed by the industry association within the 4evergreen Alliance – an association of companies from across the value chain for fibre-based packaging. Their goal is to increase the rate of recycling to more than 90% by 2030 and establishing a uniform assessment standard in Europe.