Investment given by Sky Ocean Rescue for biodegradable bottle

Plastic bottles

Sky Ocean Rescue campaign has invested in a bottle which biodegrades in two to three weeks in the hope it will help cut the use of single-use plastics.  

The campaign has set aside £25m to support ideas to prevent plastic entering the oceans. 


Manufactured by Choose Water, the bottle is made from recycled paper on the outside, with an inner waterproof liner made of ‘natural materials’ although it doesn’t reveal what they are. 

The money from Sky will find the next phase of development and testing for the bottle and is expected to be launched later this year. 

Choose Water founder James Longcroft said the investment would “bring our biodegradable bottles to shelves even sooner”. 

Sky is also investing in an edible sachet that can hold water and condiments.  

The sachet, called the Ooho, is produced by Skipping Rocks Lab and is described as 100% biodegradable.  

It is made from natural materials extracted from plants and seaweed and can be flavoured and coloured and is also said to break down in four to six weeks. 

Sky Ocean Ventures Group director Fred Michel said: “We want to accelerate bright, bold ideas that will create a lasting impact. The investments today reflect our shared objective to turn off the plastics tap. Only through viable alternatives can we help people make a choice to plug the plastics problem.” 

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