iRecycle and Powerday develop commercial waste collection service transported by water

Powerday and iRecycle

Powerday and iRecycle have joined forced to create a commercial waste collection service to be transported by water.  

The collaboration follows a successful trial, which allows waste to be moved from Camden Market to Powerday’s material recycling facility at Old Oak Sidings on a barge. 


For the firms, the vision is to develop a clean, sustainable transport and waste disposal service that delivers the “best possible” environment services.  

The collaboration follows a successful trial, moving waste from Camden Market to Powerday’s Material Recycling Facility at Old Oak Sidings on a barge. 

This new solution will allow clients to reduce costs by avoiding the rising prices of fuel, reduce their CO2 emissions by cuttings down the number of vehicles on the road and enabling them to meet their sustainability targets. 

iRecycle founder and chief executive Elliot Lancaster said: “Working with Camden market, we have established a regular disposal service that, as well as utilising the famous Grand Union canal, also deploys a new electric powered collection vehicle for waste. This material is then transferred into barges to complete the short cruise to Powerday where the material will be processed, recyclable materials recovered and then any residue materials will be turned into a renewable fuel and supplied to energy from waste plants.  

“This means that customers of this service will be able to see exactly where their materials go, the positive outcomes from it as well as knowing the transport used is the most efficient possible and importantly reduces the number of vehicle movements in the busiest areas of London often with a large number of pedestrians.”  

Powerday sales & marketing director Simon Little said: “We have been convinced of the benefits of this type of service and we are really keen to support iRecycle in delivering this fantastic customer offer. London prides itself on setting clear direction on emissions, carbon reductions, and utilising waste as a resource so this new service combines all these elements of best practice. I hope that, with this initiative for commercial waste, contractors generating construction waste will also buy into this method.”

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