Italian mill switches to containerboard

Cardboard recycling

Italian graphic and specialty paper producer Burgo Group S.p.A is converting its PM9 paper mill at Verzuolo from the production of coated mechanical papers to containerboard.

The new line is expected to be up and running by Q4 2019 and will have a full operating production capacity of 600,000 tons a year of corrugating medium and testliner, all made from recovered paper.


A few Burgo Group facts:

Burgo Group employs 3,663 people and has 11 plants in Italy, one in Belgium and 16 continuous machines. As of the 31 December 2017, Burgo Group had a consolidated turnover of 2,008 million Euro, an EBITDA of 132 million Euro, an operating profit of 47 million Euro before non-recurring charges and restructuring and a production of 2,057,000 tons of paper.

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