James Cropper develops paper packaging product that can replace plastic


Premium paper manufacturer James Cropper has developed a renewable and recyclable paper-based moulded packaging product that can replace plastic.

Its new division James Cropper 3D Products (JC3DP) has developed a design-engineered moulded paper packaging product which challenges plastic in terms of colour, quality and performance, according to the company.


It is made from entirely renewable materials and can be recycled in household waste collections.

JC3DP chief technology officer Patrick Willink said: Paper has a timeless sense of quality that’s worlds away from the multisensory disappointments of plastic. Of course, moulded fibre products are in limited use already. But these products have nowhere near the versatility in colour and design that we are able to produce. The switch from using plastic to our moulded paper packaging can also be made with relative ease, which means it is really challenging plastic as the go-to product for packaging.

“JC3DP products have the ability to outperform plastic in terms of colour quality and consistency – which is vital when building brand association and brand experience – while our design-engineered approach enables new progress in packaging design performance.

“Features such as embossing have greater definition and the cure-in-the-mould production process allows us to combine precise pressure and temperature controls with different fibre blends to create textures and finishes that cannot be achieved with plastic.

“At the same time we can create moulded packaging with uniform wall thickness and create holes with ease – both of which are extremely difficult to achieve in plastic and which add significant benefits and value for our customers.”