Jarshire baletainer proving success for Ikea


A Strautmann BaleTainer supplied and installed by Jarshire has proven a success for IKEA in Gateshead.

It is the first baler in the series to be installed by IKEA and is currently saving 30 hours per week compared to the previous baler.


Gateshead recovery department manager Stephen Faddy said: “We now have a solution for baling cardboard, and have gained extra income in the process. Also, as we now bale our cardboard, we don’t have crates standing in the yard thereby saving space.”

IKEA is also gaining a higher return on each trailer load it sends for recycling as each bale contains the equivalent of approximately eight crates of cardboard.

The Balestainer is also able to compact paper, cardboard and emptied PET bottles.

Stephen Faddy added: “Compared to the previous machines, the quicker loading and processing speed, and not having to cut cardboard into smaller pieces prior to loading, have been the significant factors in bringing about the improvements on the IKEA site.”

IKEA Gateshead has also ordered an IPS V606 mill-size baler for internal use to process plastic film.