John Lewis to buy back used clothes from customers to cut fashion waste

John Lewis store Pic: Chris Allen

Retailer John Lewis is to buy back worn and unwanted clothing from its customers in the hope it will reduce the 300,000 tonnes of fashion waste diverted to landfill annually.  

Customers can arrange through an app to have any unwanted clothing that they bought from the retailer collected from their home and will be paid for each item regardless of its condition.  


The customers using the app can choose what they want to sell and are shown the amount they can receive for them, and once they have at least £50 worth of clothing to sell, a courier will collect the product. 

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Items bought back are either resold, though not in stores, and are mended for resale or recycled into new products.  

John Lewis sustainability manager Martyn White said: “We already take back used sofas, beds and large electrical items such as washing machines and either donate them to charity or reuse and recycle parts and want to offer a service for fashion products.” 

The scheme has been developed with social enterprise company Stuffstr.  

Stuffstr chief executive John Atcheson said: “Every item has value, even old socks, and we want to make it as simple as possible for customers to benefit from their unwanted clothes.” 

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