Just two mills receive small paper quota in latest Chinese issue

A container ship that is used to transport recyclable materials

A small paper quota was given to just two mills in the latest batch of Chinese import quota announcements.

Zhejiang Jinlong Renewable Resources Technology Co received the bulk of the quota with 5,950 tonnes, while Guangdong Tongli Dingzao Co was given just 510 tonnes of quota.


All of the other companies receiving quota in this batch were metal importers, but only 13 quota issues were listed in total.

For the recovered paper sector, this will add to fears that China issued most of its quota for 2020 at the end of 2019 when 2.7 million tonnes of paper imports were issued. This was followed by 407,410 tonnes in January.

With this being the first month of the quarter, it might have been expected that more quota would be made available.

But this follows the pattern of last month when issued quota fell dramatically to 22,750 tonnes.

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