Keep glass separate says Veolia UK chief executive


Veolia Environmental Services chief executive Estelle Brachlianoff has suggested that glass should be separated from other recyclates.

In a largely positive interview with the Daily Mail This is Money website she backed the idea of separating the material.


She said: “We are not saying there should be ten recycling bins in everybody’s kitchen: one for paper, one for plastics, one for plastic bottles. That would be nonsense.

“We need something that is effective, but simple to understand. One bin for recyclables, one for glass and one for the rest. That would make a lot of sense. There needs to be some segragation at source, but not too much.”

In the interview, she also defended energy from waste facilities, particularly those with district heating.

She added: “We can assure you of what your energy bills will be for the next 20 years, whatever the gas and oil price does – and we produce that heat out of what was in your black bin bag. We can do this to produce up to 10 per cent of the energy needs of the country.”

In the interview, she also discussed the circular economy and how Veolia can help to give products a second life, how more women are joining the company as well as its investment plans in the UK. She also warns that the uncertainty created by a referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union is “damaging”.

Read the interview in full here