Kellogg begin trial of a paper-based Pringles can


A small trial of a Pringles can made from mostly recycled paper has been started by manufacturer Kellogg.

Taking place in a small number of Tesco stores in East Anglia, the trial involves a can that is made predominantly from recycled paper and a metalised plastic lining and according to Kellogg can be placed in the household recycling bin. This is instead of the current can which is made from paper, a metalised plastic lining and a steel base.


The trial also involves the use of either a plastic or paper lid, both of which Kellogg says can be recycled.

It has taken a team at Kellogg 12 months to come up with the new recyclable design as it also needed to protect the shape of the crisp, maintain shelf life while ensuring the crisps remain crunchy.

If successful, the company intends to roll out the new packaging across Europe.

Kellogg has a goal to make 100% of its packaging reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025.

Pringles vice president Miranda Prins said: “We are eager to play our part and reduce our impact on the planet. And Pringles fans expect that of us too.

“So, we’ve worked hard to come up with this new can which is widely recyclable and keeps our chips fresh and tasty and protects them from breaking up – which helps to reduce food waste.

“The important thing for us now is getting the trial up and running with Tesco and collecting all the data and consumer feedback.  At this stage it is too early to say whether we’ll roll out this new paper tube. However, the information we collect will help us understand if people like it and if it works on the supermarket shelf and at home. This trial will help us create the Pringles can of the future.”

This trial is expected to last for six weeks.

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