Key recycled plastics and paper grades rise in price


Last week saw price rises for HDPE and LDPE plastics and OCC cardboard.

According to our weekly Intelligence report, HDPE bottles were up by £10 per tonne, while LDPE 98/2 increased by the same amount.


Other plastic grades were largely unchanged.

OCC saw a rise of £2 per tonne, which was the third week running that the price has increased by that amount.

In metals, copper grades saw an increase of up to £150 per tonne, but other metals were stable.

Resource Efficient Business editorial director Paul Sanderson said: “Our current forecasts suggests that prices for key plastic and paper grades may continue to creep up as we head into April.

“Market fundamentals suggest that there is likely to be more export demand that will drive these increases. However, not all grades will benefit, with buyers being picky at the moment.

“This could also be tempered if shipping lines are able to negotiate substantial price increases for April on the back of limited container availability.”

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