Labour sees potential for recycled commodity and infrastructure forecasting role for WRAP


WRAP could have a role forecasting where recycling infrastructure is needed and working out the UK’s materials need, if Labour wins the next election.

In an interview for SCM magazine that will be published in June, Shadow Environment Minister Gavin Shuker said that WRAP should take on more responsibility for working out where the UK needs to develop recycling and waste infrastructure.


He would also like WRAP to forecast the needs of UK businesses when it comes to recycled commodities to ensure those materials are available to them at the correct specification.

However, he also said that this would be dependent on what emerges from the current review being undertaken by Defra into how WRAP will be funded in future.

He said: “WRAP has had a massive benefit to the UK in recent years. What we now need to look at is how we get its expertise into local communities and businesses.

“We see a forecasting role for WRAP where it investigates commodity gaps to ensure materials are kept in the UK for the businesses that want them as well as forecasting our infrastructure requirements so that it is best placed for local communities.

“Whatever we end up with as a result of the Defra consultation, we want those roles to be filled, and this could mean a potentially exciting time for WRAP.”

A consultation on the English element of WRAP’s funding has been launched by Defra that might involve a new business model for WRAP.

The consultation closes on 24 May 2013.