Labour to announce waste policy next month


The Labour Party will reveal its plans for recycling and waste next month if it wins the 2015 General Election.

Speaking at the Energy from Waste conference in London today, shadow waste minister Gavin Shuker said that Labour is also considering whether to create an Office of Resource Security if it becomes the next government.


He said: “In the coming month, Labour will publish its policy on resources, waste and energy…

“…Our policy review will look at improving enforcement of compliance and look to give UK businesses a level playing field when it comes to recycling materials and generating energy in the UK.”

The shadow minister was also keen to emphasise that Labour is developing policy around the circular economy, but he was keen to stress that this should not lead to protectionism.

He also criticised the Government for its withdrawal of PFI credits to Merseyside, North Yorkshire and Bradford as a “lost opportunity” to develop essential infrastructure.