Langage Farm AD treats 12,000 tonnes of food waste in first year


An anaerobic digestion facility at Langage Farm has treated 12,000 tonnes of food waste in its first year.

The facility near Lee Mill in Devon has treated waste from both its own dairy and a business food waste collection run in partnership with Alpha Logic.


Digestate from the facility has been used by local farmers on their land, while electricity has been fed into the National Grid.

Envrionmental resource manager John Deane said: “Assisting Devon County Council in reaching renewable energy targets, the Langage AD facility has generated in excess of 3,500,00kW of renewable electricity. This means that enough energy to power 175 million modern 20W light bulbs for an hour has been produced so far.”

Earlier this year, complaints were made to the Environment Agency and the local South Hams District Council about smells coming from the facility. However, these issues have now been resolved.

John Deane added: “We have endured the occasional problem through the commissioning process and it has taken some time to get the process to the point that we are happy. Despite this, we plant to implement further improvements over time.”