LEGO Group aims for 100% sustainable packaging by 2025


The LEGO Group has announced its ambitions to replace all single-use disposable plastics and aim for 100% sustainable packaging by 2025.  

It has already pledged to use 100% sustainable materials in both its bricks and packaging by 2030.  


Currently, the majority of its packaging, by weight, is cardboard or paper-based which is recyclable, said the company.  

LEGO Group Vice President Environmental Responsibility Tim Brooks said that the company has pledged to play its part in protecting the planet, and by bringing forward its ambitions for sustainable packaging, it is “acknowledging the need to find better packaging solutions sooner”.  

He added: “By 2025, our aim is that no LEGO packaging parts have to end up in a landfill. Packaging will be made from renewable or recycled materials and will be easy for consumers to recycle.” 

Steps already taken by the company to improve the sustainability of its packaging include: 

  • Using recycled plastic in packaging “blisters”, the transparent plastic windows which allow customers to see parts of its products 
  • LEGO boxes in the US and Canada feature the How2Recycle® label promoting packaging recycling and providing clear guidance to responsibly recycle their LEGO packaging 
  • Plastic trays used in Advent Calendars were replaced with recyclable paper-pulp trays, saving up to 1 million plastic trays from landfill  
  • Approximately 75% of cardboard used to make LEGO boxes comes from recycled material. 

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