Little on resource efficiency issues in Conservative Party manifesto


There was hardly any detail in the Conservative Party manifesto on resource efficiency.

Although it claimed to have been the greenest government ever by setting up the Green Investment Bank among other environmentally-friendly policies, there wasn’t a sense that the Conservatives plan to do much more if elected to government on 7 May.


It does plan to push for a strong climate deal later this year at the international climate change summit in Paris and it will continue to support the UK Climate Change Act. The Conservatives also plan to cut emissions as effectively as possible.

Building on the introduction of a 5p charge on single-use bags to be introduced in England later this year, the Conservatives will “review the case for higher Fixed Penalty Notices for littering and allow councils to tackle small-scale fly-tipping through Fixed Penalties rather than costly prosecutions”.

Like Labour, the Conservatives made no mention of an Office for Resource Management that has been proposed by a number of trade organisations, and other groups.