Liz Goodwin calls for rethink to business unusual rather than business as usual


WRAP chief executive Liz Goodwin has called for a rethink from leaders in order to rise to the resource challenge.

Speaking at the WRAP annual conference in London today, she said that sustainability leaders from business, government, and industry will needs to rise to the resource challenge.


She added: “Today I ask that we work together to build on what we have done already, to find solutions to tackle these challenges head on.

“It will mean sometimes changing from business as usual to doing business unusual – a rethink – and WRAP has identified three areas where we will be working to do just that: food, clothing, electricals.

“Together, we can help make more of our food, clothing and electrical items by rethinking how we design, produce and use products, with a view to making them go further and last longer.

“I know we can do it, just look at what we’ve achieved together on recycling and food waste alone.

“We’ve gone from a non-recycling nation to a nation at one with recycling, and we’ve reduced household food waste by 21% over a five-year period.”

She also revealed that over 50% of UK clothes retailers have now signed up to the SCAP agreement to reduce carbon, water and waste in the clothing industry by 15% by 2020.

While waste has yet to see a reduction, carbon has fallen by 3.5% and a 12.5% reduction in water use from clothing manufacturing has been reported.