Lord de Mauley admits that Government must provide certainty for investors into recycling


Environment Minister Lord de Mauley has said that the Government must provide “continuity of Government policy” to make investment in the recycling sector more attractive.

Speaking at the CIWM annual conference, he said that Defra had held an investment symposium recently, and one of the key messages was the need for policy certainty.


He said: “We are looking at the barriers to investment. There are opportunities for investment, but we recognise that continuity of Government policy is vital in this sector for investment.”

In a speech that gave little detail, the Minister also admitted in a question and answer section that the Government better needs to understand material flows in order to make a circular economy a reality.

He also said that he is “a huge fan of WRAP, but we have to look at how we focus the spending of WRAP” in reference to the consultation on how WRAP will be funded during its next business period.