L’Oréal launch recyclable paper packaging bottle for its new brand


Cosmetics company L’Oréal USA has launched a recyclable, compostable, paper-based packaging design for its new brand Seed Phytonutrients. 

Working in partnership with design and manufacturer company Ecologic Brands, the bottle’s external shell is 100% paper-based and recyclable and is made using corrugated board recycled from a L’Oréal USA distribution centre in California.  


Inside the bottle, a lightweight, blow-molded liner is inserted, which is made using 80% post-consumer recycled HDPE, and is recyclable.  

The brand, which sells skin and hair care products, was designed for use in the shower, with the packaging being water-resistant.  

Ecologic Brand president Julie Corbett said: “The mineral component ​should not affect recycling, as it’s not a coating and is already present in many paper products that are recycled. We are in the process of confirming compostability.”  

The label on the packaging is made from paper and can be directly recycled or composted with the bottle.  

Each Seed Phytonutrients package includes a packet of seeds inserted between the liner and the shell.  

The company vice president of global marketing Brad Farrell said: “We hope to help highlight the importance of preserving seed diversity in addition to providing our customers with a fun surprise that they can actually plant.” 

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