Lower grade plastics see falls, metals, paper and glass stable on scrap-ex weekly price report


Markets are largely stable at the moment, but lower grade plastic prices have moved downwards on this week’s scrap-ex price report.

Increasing import regulations into China, as exclusively reported by scrap-ex news, have made it more difficult to export lower grade materials into the country, and this has particularly impacted on mixed plastics.


Mixed carrier bags are down to £5 to £10 per tonne this week from £10 to £15 a week ago. Mixed hard plastics are trading at £15 to £35 from £20 to £40 per tonne last week. Mixed plastic trays have dropped to £6 to £12 from £8 to £12 a week ago.

Mixed bottles scrap-ex grade A are at £260 to £305 per tonne from £265 to £310 a week ago.

Natural PET has also adjusted down to £410 to £440 from £420 to £445 last week. LDPE 98/2 is up however to £265 to £310 from £245 to £290 a week ago.

Metal prices have firmed slightly or stayed the same. Copper dry bright is trading at £4,800 to £5,250 from £4,750 to £5,200 despite a difficult week on the LME. Aluminium cuttings have edged up slightly at the bottom end to £970 to £1,200 after last week’s £970 to £1,200.

Baled aluminium UBCs have dropped off a little, trading in the region of £925 to £1,050 from last week’s £950 to £1,075.

Paper prices are largely stable with adjustments of £1 here or there. Glass prices are unchanged.