Lucozade owner develops new PET recycling manufacturing technology

Packaging manufacturing
Packaging manufacturing

Suntory Holdings Limited has developed “FtoP Direct Recycle Technology” for use in soft drink PET bottle preform production, which it said will reduce CO2 emissions by 25%. 

The Ribena and Lucozade manufacturer has worked in a joint effort with Kyoei Industry Co., SIPA SpA of Italy and EREMA Group GmbH of Austria to develop this new technology. 


It consists of a flake, which is created by pulverising and washing recovered PET bottles and is treated at a high temperature and low pressure for a fixed period, after being melted and filtered, and will enable the preform to be manufactured directly.  

Suntory Holdings said that it is important to pour the melted flake into the molding machine at a constant pressure, with the development of this technology being implemented in facilities over a period of time.  

The company has estimated that approximately 25% of CO2 emissions will be reduced, and that this technology is scheduled for use in soft drink PET bottles from summer 2018.  

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