Lucozade Ribena Suntory appoint EcoSurety to help with its compliance

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EcoSurety has been appointed by Lucozade Ribena Suntory (LRS) to help oversee its soft drinks brands’ packaging compliance investment for 2018.   

As part of the contract, EcoSurety has announced that it will increase its PRN sourcing from UK recyclers, resulting in investments in the UK waste infrastructure and education campaigns to illustrate the importance of recycling.  


This UK focus will ensure that LRS is not contributing to the problem of recycling evidence resulting from the export of waste and leading to ocean pollution, said EcoSurety.  

LRS external affairs and sustainability director Michelle Norman said: “We chose to spend our compliance money through EcoSurety because we were extremely impressed by their unwavering commitment to greater transparency inside the PRN system and the work the company has done to highlight the issue inside the waste industry.  

“Working with EcoSurety provides that peace of mind that we are going the extra mile to recycle our products, but also that our investment inside the waste and recycling industry will be as transparent as possible as the PRN system evolves and improves.” 

EcoSurety managing director James Piper said: “By working with brands holistically, we are able to help them maximise change for good, so that they can impose the least impact on the environment, as well as provide vital funds for the waste and recycling industry and therefore help invest in UK recycling over the long-term.” 

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