Major meat company switches to PET from PVC packaging for easier recycling


A switch to PET from PVC will mean that more packaging from meat processor Tulip can be recycled.

The company, whose brands include Danepak, Spam and Stagg Chili, has signed up to WRAP’s Courtauld Commitment 3 and intends to switch to PET packaging from PVC by 2015.


Tulip corporate responsibility manager Andrew Wright said: “As a business we want to be leading from the front in this increasingly important area by working in partnership to address waste at all points along the supply chain.

“Partnering with WRAP gives us a great opportunity to help play a role in setting the standards for the UK’s food manufacturing sector. I am delighted that as part of our commitment to Courtauld 3, we are announcing our intention to complete a move away from the use of PVC in all of our packaging by spring 2015 and replace its use with PET materials.

“There isn’t the infrastructure in the UK for the effective recycling of PVC materials so it just goes to landfill which is incredibly damaging to the environment, whereas PET recycling facilities are now well-established.”