Major UK crisp brands failing to address their plastic packaging

Walkers Crisps image: Si Griffiths

Campaign group 38 Degrees has found that major UK crisp brands are failing to address concerns about their unrecyclable plastic packets, according to The Guardian. 

The research from the group found that these companies are instead relying on pledges that won’t come into action for many years.  


These findings come after more than 310,000 people signed its petition demanding that crisp brand, Walkers, take the initiative and eliminate its plastic packaging in favour of a sustainable alternative. 

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The brands that have come under pressure include KP snacks, Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Aldi, Lidl, Waitrose and Marks & Spencer. 

However, they have all matched Walkers’ pledge to make their crisp packets 100% recyclable, compostable or biodegradable by 2025.  

Government funded body Recycle Now has said that no packets are currently recyclable, and that they should be put in the general waste bin rather than the recycling bin.  

38 Degrees campaigner Cathy Warren told The Guardian: “As the leading brand, Walkers has been the focus of customer pressure up to now. But competitors should take the lead where Walkers has failed and move to plastic-free or biodegradable packaging.”

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